Milan Design Week 2015 - Movements by Philippe Malouin

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Come and Visit us at Milan Design Week 2015

Caesarstone is proud to announce its participation in Milan Design Week 2015 which will take place from 14th to 18th April. After co-operating with Japanese Studio Nendo (2013) and London-based Raw-Edges Design Studio (2014), we are now delighted to collaborate with London-based designer Philippe Malouin in an interactive installation - Movements.

Movements is a two part installation that will be presented within the halls of the 18th century Palazzo Serbelloni.

Malouin has designed geometric planters in a range of shapes, textures and colours putting Caesarstone quartz at the heart of the creation process. the designer carved the planters to demonstrate the versatility of Caesarstone quartz as well as to showcase the variety of colours available in the range.

"Caesarstone is an extremely versatile material that is easy to predict and work with, and it offers a variety of colours and finishes," says Malouin. "I therefore experimented with a serie of techniques and applications ranging from the mundane to the more experimental."

Movements will also include an eight-piece will also include an eight-piece swing set made of our Supernatural Collection and placed in a circular arrangement - a twelve-seat version of the swing set was already presented at Toronto's Interior Design Show in January. Typically associated with carefree, childish activity, the swings are removed from their original playground surroundings and relocated to a sparse environment, bringing an out-of-context element into play. The material's textures and natural looking designs are shown to full effect, refecting the sophisticated qualities of Caesarstone product design and utilisation of state-of-the-art technology. The usability of the installation emphasises the inherent characteristics of the surface material - such as strength, durability and flexibility.

"The swings invite people to interact with the product naturally," add Malouin. "Although it looks and feels extremely natural, the material has so many really amazing qualities for designers to work with and which allow it to be machined and handled with more flexibility than stone."

Come and visit us at Milan Design Week 2015 and experience Movements by Philippe Malouin!
Monday, April 13, 1pm-5pm - Press Review - a sneak pick for the press only
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Thursday, April 16, 9pm - The Caesarstone & Wallpaper* party - come and party with us!

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