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Reading: Caesarstone publishes its first ESG Report

Caesarstone publishes its first ESG Report

Its vision for a greener, safer future for employees, customers, partners and global communities

Caesarstone Ltd, the market leader and pioneer of premium quartz surfaces, has today released its first Environmental, Social and Governance (‘ESG’) Report, which was created according to GRI, SASB and UN SDGs standards.

The first report of its kind from the global surfaces brand, it highlights the company’s ongoing efforts to take action on a range of environmental and social topics, showcasing its commitment to creating a greener and safer future for its employees, customers, partners and communities. Sustainability is a natural extension of the company’s values, and the report emphasises the areas in which the company plans to take further action.

The company’s ESG strategy is based on four main pillars:

  • Sustainable products – Caesarstone is committed to the superior quality, strength and durability of its products – and believes the materials used to create said products must meet the highest standards of performance and quality. By working closely with its suppliers, the firm ensures the materials used in the production of its quartz surfaces are of the upmost quality – thus adding to the long-lasting and sustainable nature of its surfaces. In fact, Caesarstone’s efforts have already yielded results, as demonstrated by a 50% reduction in the use of certain materials during the manufacturing process.
  • Environmentally responsible production – Caesarstone is committed to conducting its business in compliance with all applicable environmental laws, regulations and permits in a manner that has the highest regard for sustaining the environment in which it operates. As the company develops, manufactures and markets its products, it strives to reduce the environmental impact of its processes for both employees and local communities. To do so, Caesarstone has committed to reducing its carbon footprint, styrene emissions, water use and wastage, as well as increasing the use of renewable energy. In addition, Caesarstone is continuing to improve logistics and supply chain processes. By 2025, the company intends to reduce energy use by 10%; recycle water and reduce its use by approximately 10%; and reduce air pollution levels by 5%.
  • Health and safety – improving health and safety is a top priority for Caesarstone moving forward, by creating safer working environments and training staff on safe work procedures. In doing so, the company has achieved a 72% reduction in lost time injuries over a three-year period. The company’s goal is to achieve a world-class health and safety system, aligned with a best practice approach across all facility processes. Caesarstone has also introduced a Master of Stone™ programme for fabricators, which launched in 2019. Since then, the firm has expanded the programme across a number of countries, including the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. It is also available in six languages. The Master of Stone™ programme includes a number of online training modules to advise customers and fabricators on a range of health and safety topics, alongside professional know-how and added value content for fabricators. Just as Caesarstone ensures the safety and quality of its products in homes, offices and commercial developments, the firm is taking measures to protect its fabrication partners who form a key part of the supply chain, and reflects the company’s vision for a safe, clean, dust-free workspace for the entire stone industry. To date, over 2,000 fabricators have signed up to the programme.
  • Social responsibility – the company is committed to creating a positive impact across the value chain for its employees, suppliers, customers, and the communities in which it works. Caesarstone firmly believes that its employees lie at the heart of the organisation, bringing their dedication, creativity and expertise to the workplace every day to create authentic products with care. As such, the company will support its employees by ensuring they’re operating in the best possible work environment – one that is friendly, warm, safe and trustworthy. What’s more, Caesarstone has pledged to support the communities in which its team work and live. This includes involvement with initiatives that improve educational, health and social issues for the communities who live near its facilities; volunteer programmes have been established, such as a partnership with Camp Quality – an organisation dedicated to improving the quality of life for young cancer patients and their families. All employees are encouraged to enrich themselves within their local communities, and via social and community investment Caesarstone is improving the wellbeing of the people both in and around its facilities.

“At Caesarstone, we are privileged to be part of everyday life in millions of homes worldwide; that is why we are committed to sustainability through continued innovation of our products and greener production processes, while remaining focused on a value chain built on environmental, health and safety practices. Our aim is to inspire a journey of partnership, creativity and to celebrate Life in Stone”, comments Yuval Dagim, Chief Executive Officer. “We are happy with our ESG accomplishments to date and are pleased to have built the framework to achieve our new ESG goals and create a more sustainable future for our company. We believe our success is directly related to how well we take care of our clients, our employees, and our communities.”

The full ESG report is available upon request. For further information or industry comment, please contact [email protected].

About Caesarstone:
Caesarstone is a concept and lifestyle-driven company with a customer-centred approach to designing, developing, and producing high-end engineered stone worktops, used in residential and commercial buildings. Our products offer superior aesthetic appeal and perfected functionality through a distinct variety of colours, styles, textures and finishes used in diverse countertop applications, marked by inherent longevity. Strong commitment to service has fostered growing customer loyalty in over 50 countries where the Caesarstone product collections are available: ClassicoSupernaturalMetropolitan and Outdoor. For more information, please visit