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Reading: Caesarstone to collaborate with Snarkitecture for its 2018 Designer Collaboration Programme

Caesarstone to collaborate with Snarkitecture for its 2018 Designer Collaboration Programme

October 2017: Leading quartz manufacturer Caesarstone announces its collaboration with New York-based collaborative practice Snarkitecture for their 2018 Designer Programme. Since 2013, Caesarstone’s Designer Collaboration Programme has pushed the boundaries of experiential design with work from nendo, Raw Edges, Philippe Malouin, Tom Dixon and Jaime Hayon.

Snarkitecture – Image by Noah Kalina

The 2018 collaboration will focus on the icon of the modern home, the kitchen island. Over the past 40 years the kitchen has transformed from the private, utilitarian space to the most public space in the home. It has evolved into a place for entertainment, social interaction and performances where we demonstrate our ‘professional’ cooking skills, as well as showcase our high-tech appliances. With water being one of the most important ingredients in the kitchen, one that is used for a wide variety of cooking techniques and culinary creations, Snarkitecture will investigate the ‘changing states’ of water in the context of the kitchen island, as well as look at natural topography.

Over the past five years, each designer collaboration programme has offered a unique, subjective take on the material. This year’s collaboration will see a realistic and practical interpretation of Caesarstone, one that looks at the functionality of the kitchen, while drawing from Snarkitecture’s signature blend of architecture and art. The first installment of the collaboration will be previewed in January 2018 at the Interior Design Show (IDS), Toronto, followed by a main large-scale installation during Milan Design Week in April as part of Fuorisalone.

“The kitchen space is continuing its journey to the centre of the home and, what used to be the family’s meeting point, is turning out to be a ‘future living room’, a place where we entertain and host” says Raanan Zilberman, CEO of Caesarstone. “…We are very interested in the shifting role of the kitchen space and wanted to be leading this discussion with the help of Snarkitecture, which has been doing exceptional thought-based work at the crossroad of art and architecture.”