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Reading: The Caesarstone Promise: A Lifetime Warranty

The Caesarstone Promise: A Lifetime Warranty

Caesarstone, the industry leader in premium worktops since 1987 now offer a lifetime warranty across their indoor Quartz and Porcelain collections.

After decades of blending exquisite design with durability, they have extended their warranty from 25 years to lifetime to reassure customers their surfaces will remain safe, durable, and timelessly beautiful for many years to come.

From the selection of only the best raw materials to meticulous quality control, Caesarstone designs and manufactures premium quality worktops with durability top of mind. With over three decades of expertise and a rigorous testing process, these worktops are created to look beautiful for a lifetime, even when fitted in the busiest of home kitchens.

Owners of Caesarstone’s Porcelain worktops and indoor Quartz surfaces can activate their lifetime warranty online at Once a request is submitted, the owner will receive a digital warranty certificate to validate the claim. This lifetime warranty cements Caesarstone work surfaces as an unparalleled one-off investment in style, substance, and quality.

Notes to Editors

Established in 1987, Caesarstone is a global leader in premium surfaces specialising in worktops that create dynamic and inspiring spaces for the heart of the home. An award-winning multi material portfolio of over 100 colours combines the company’s innovative technology with its powerful design passion. Spearheading the market for high quality, sustainable surfaces, Caesarstone delivers timeless beauty with functional resilience, designing surfaces for a vast range of indoor and outdoor applications, including kitchen worktops and bathroom vanities.

Since pioneering quartz countertops more than thirty five years ago, Caesarstone has expanded into porcelain and natural stone and is now present in more than 50 countries worldwide, enhancing customers’ surface buying experience through the expansion of ground breaking digital platforms & services.

Caesarstone has earned ISO 14001 (environmental management standard), ISO 9001 (quality management standard), and NSF (public health and safety) certification. The company also has third party verified Declare label status.

Caesarstone UK is headquartered in London and serves fabricators, kitchen studios, housebuilders, architects and designers and consumers across the UK