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Reading: Caesarstone preferred surface brand for Buster + Punch kitchens

Caesarstone preferred surface brand for Buster + Punch kitchens

Caesarstone surfaces, 4044 Airy Concrete and 5810 Black Tempal, are the worktops of choice for the newly launched Buster + Punch kitchen units.

The Buster + Punch Kitchen is a new way to curate a custom-built, modular, freestanding kitchen. Created with the same level of precision and engineering as its acclaimed solid metal hardware, the kitchen has been designed with the same aesthetics and quality you would expect to find in bespoke furniture.

Buster + Punch’s founder and creative director, Massimo Buster Minale uses his extensive architecture background to strip back the elements of the modular units. The kitchen has a curated choice of selections available to the customer with two frame options, three cabinet colour ways, and three worktops, designed around the brand’s endless choices of iconic hardware.

The kitchen units have an edge-to-edge countertop with a unique corner radius that matches the extruded metal frame. The frame itself has precision cast aluminium legs which rest on custom-turned brass or stainless-steel adjustable feet, finished with the brand’s signature diamond-cut knurling.

Worktop choices include Airy Concrete and Black Tempal, both of which are wonderfully attuned to the iconic Buster + Punch character and style. Airy Concrete has a light grey base which is enriched by dark grey and white tones. The rough concrete-like texture creates an authentically urban surface. It is a rich and decadent style that adds character to any kitchen space. Black Tempal is a complex industrial design, it has a sturdy charcoal base with contrasting soft mineral deposits that give rise to a delicate veil of warm white across the slab. Its textural composition reflects a captivating blend of natural and manmade processes.

Speaking about the relationship, Caesarstone UK & EMEA VP Marketing, Jon Stanley, said, “We’ve long been fans of Buster & Punch and were fortunate enough to work with them on our stand at KBB2022, which featured B&P lighting throughout. Their approach to kitchen design feels so unique and the Caesarstone surfaces feel like a perfect match. The B&P team are always so exacting in their designs and material selection, and I think their choice of Caesarstone surfaces speaks volumes about our own design and R&D efforts.”

Both products are well suited to the contemporary and urban Buster + Punch style whilst also being excellent choices for any kitchen due to their inherent design and technical characteristics. Caesarstone expertly design and curate all of their surfaces, ensuring each and every design is aesthetically pleasing and extremely durable. Caesarstone surfaces are rigorously tested to ensure their technical performance, meaning they are hard wearing as well as scratch and stain resistant, making them the perfect choice for furniture of the highest quality.

About Caesarstone

Caesarstone is a leader in the global surfaces industry with a primary business in designing, developing, and producing high-end worktops. The company is renowned for its aesthetic superiority and technical excellence, having pioneered the revolutionary quartz surface sector since 1987. Caesarstone products offer high-performance functionality in a variety of colours, styles, textures and finishes across the interior surfaces category. Headquartered in S’Dot Yam, Israel, Caesarstone sells products in 50 countries and is traded on the NASDAQ (CSTE) in New York.