Caesarstone reward partner fabricators with visit to Global Headquarters

Last month, Caesarstone UK arranged for a number of the country’s top fabricators to join them at the company’s global headquarters in Caesarea, Israel.

Rewarding loyal partners of Caesarstone UK, the visit was arranged to offer an exclusive insight into how the leading quartz brand incorporates design trends and changing consumer habits into the Research and Development processes that have originated award-winning products.

Guests met the design team at Caesarstone and enjoyed the chance at seeing how prototype designs are produced with proprietary technology. This included the hands-on experience of experimenting with their own quartz surface designs in the plant’s design labs that were then transformed into slabs of Caesarstone, demonstrating the rapid prototyping facilities at the Caesarstone plant.

“Caesarstone is the global leader in the quartz surfaces market, recognised for its innovation and design appeal,” explained Guy Rawstorne, VP of Sales. “It was important for us to recognise our partners’ support with this trip, and give them the opportunity to understand how our designs are conceptualised and developed through to market. Our guests came away with a greater understanding of what makes Caesarstone so unique.”

Fabricators learned how quartz is manufactured into Caesarstone worktops

The head of the design team presented insights on future design trends and offered guests an early preview of forthcoming designs, explaining how the company is pioneering innovative new technologies and aesthetics in the continued development of Caesarstone quartz surfaces.

The travelling contingent also experienced a factory tour, showing the complete manufacturing journey of a Caesarstone quartz worktop, and saw first-hand the stringent quality control and approvals processes that every slab goes through, to ensure that Caesarstone products truly are designed for life.

UNESCO heritage sites close to the Caesarstone global headquarters

Following the visit to the manufacturing plant, guests were invited to visit the UNESCO heritage sites surrounding the Caesarea Port, close to the Caesarstone manufacturing facilities, including the renowned amphitheatre ruins.

The remaining days of the trip saw the invited partners have the opportunity to explore the historical sites of Jerusalem, and visit the thriving Tel-Aviv metropolis.

Caesarstone will repeat the trip with more partners later this year.