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Making Progress

It’s the moment everything comes together, and now that your flooring, walls, and cabinets are being installed you can finally set the date for installing your favourite worktop.

Things to Consider

  • If you’re fitting new cabinetry, alert your cabinet maker to remeasure space before installation
  • Ensure your utilities fit in their allocated spaces, after flooring and cabinetry
  • Alert your fabricator to take final measurements before templating
  • Verify that your fabricator has placed the right order for your material once templating is complete – if you are opting for a special order make sure that the fabricator checks the lead times in time
  • Make sure you’re ready to register your Caesarstone warranty once your new worktops are installed

If you have a backsplash, the fabricator should install the worktop first and then mount your backsplash on the walls above it. Your plumbing and appliances connections should be made after your worktop is installed.


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