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Transitional Style: Classic Meets Modern

This design style blends between classic and modern, to harmoniously celebrate both worlds. 

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What is the Transitional Design Style

A relatively new design style spurred in the 2010s, transitional is inspired by the comfort of classic design reimagined in the minimalistic style of our modern world.

In a mix of decorative elements, or a singular element accurately referenced within the entire space, transitional design makes a bold statement that is both personal and timeless.

Characteristic simple and symmetrical lines frame the intriguing interplay of modern aesthetics with classic opulence, showing that you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Typical Colours

The typical transitional colour palette tends towards the more natural shades of grey, beige, and warm white, with earthy browns, soft greens, and lavish gold that resonate depth alongside them.

  • White

  • Grey

  • Beige

  • Green

  • Brwon

  • Gold

Matching Materials

Cotton and linen, wood and natural stone, black iron and shiny brass, are wrapped in a warm finish within a relatively large and spacious setting.

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  • transitional-materials-wood
  • transitional-materials-warm-color-finishes
  • transitional-materials-linen-and-cotton-fabrics
  • transitional-materials-black-iron

Suggested Décor

The transitional style showcases vintage classic furniture alongside decorative elements that integrate into the space, fusing classic design with modern minimalist lines.

  • transitional-complementary-accessories-chair
  • transitional-complementary-accessories-chandelier-
  • transitional-complementary-accessories-dinnerware
  • transitional-complementary-accessories-vase

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