White Kitchen

Planning a white kitchen

If there’s one colour that works beautifully in any kitchen, no matter how large or small or what style it is, it’s the crisp, clean feel of a fresh white design. White kitchens are still the most popular choice for homeowners and it’s easy to see why. White is clean and uncluttered – key factors for any successful scheme – and it’s ultra-versatile too, as it suits both classic and contemporary décors and can easily and inexpensively be updated as trends change.

It’s often the colour of choice for designers and architects too, as it’s adaptable, readily available and can instantly make a smaller area feel light, bright and airy.

White Attica quartz
The veined marble appearance of White Attica quartz brings a natural stone look to top off timber cabinetry

Plan ahead

When planning a white kitchen, it’s all about making sure the end result isn’t cold and clinical – even if you want the stark, seamless look, there are ways and means of bringing warmth and personality into the space. Consider the functions of the room – is it purely for cooking and dining or will it need to be calming for relaxation and working at home? Does it long for a splash of colour here and there to brighten things up and make it feel more homely? If you start with the cabinetry, planning a white kitchen isn’t as daunting as it may first appear.

Ultimate guide to designing the perfect white kitchen

Modern schemes lend themselves well to slab-style handless doors with a high gloss lacquered finish while painted in-frame designs look especially eye-catching in a Shaker style, perhaps with a few contrasting coloured units to break up the look. One of the most popular trends is for having a bank of white cabinets, floor to ceiling if the space allows, with a brightly coloured island unit set within the centre of the room. This striking focal point allows you to create a unique design and you can always change the colour of the island if it’s a painted finish in the years ahead.
simple white kitchen scheme
Creating a feature area with wallpaper can also jazz up a simple white kitchen scheme. This Gable pattern is by Farrow & Ball.

White worktops

Many homeowners, architects and designers alike choose white kitchen worktops, as they offer a clean, clutter-free finish and will complement any kind of cabinetry. It’s an especially good look with the natural grain of timber furniture, with horizontal grains being the current material of choice. According to a 2017 UK Kitchen Trends Study by Houzz, white cabinetry appears in nearly a third of updated kitchens and the top upgraded product is the worktops, with quartz being the most popular choice. And yes, white comes out on top with 27% selecting this seamless shade.

Organic White
Organic White from Caesarstone’s Classico collection is a soft neutral colourway perfect for classic or contemporary kitchen styles

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Easy clean

One thing that may put people off choosing white worktops is the care and maintenance involved when actually, taking care of them couldn’t be simpler if you choose a quality quartz surface. It’s already impervious to stains but when spills and splashes do occur, simply wipe away with soap and water or a mild detergent. Always use non-abrasive cleansers and sponges and the quartz will appear clear and crisp all day, every day.

With Caesarstone, planning a white kitchen is easy thanks to the huge range of shades to select from. As well as Pure White and Snow from the Classico collection, there are plenty of veined marble-effect designs that will bring added aesthetic appeal and a tactile, textural look. The Supernatural range includes a broader range of whites such as Montblanc, Frosty Carrina and Statuario Nuvo, which can add subtle accents to an otherwise stark scheme.
Pure White quartz
Pure White quartz keeps the kitchen looking sleek and chic

Helping hand

If you need a little extra inspiration and ideas for planning a white kitchen, take a look at Caesarstone’s Visualiser design tool, a great online resource for bringing your space to life. You can create and save your project and even share it with others – the perfect way to get the kitchen conversation flowing.

Ultimate guide to designing the perfect white kitchen