Ideas for Urban Kitchens

If you live in a city, a big metropolis or small town, there is a good chance your property will contain a compact kitchen - the space of city apartments does not allow for big kitchens. Having said that, there are many ways in which to maximise compact kitchens to create a functional, comfortable and beautiful space.

Flush mount cooktop – the biggest challenge in an urban kitchen is the lack of space for the required worktops and cabinets, while the existing space is totally filled with home appliances like a microwave or a stovetop. In order to increase and maximize worktop space, you could install a flush mount cooktop stove. On here you can prepare foods and chop vegetables and even place small sized appliances e.g. blenders,



Pull out drawers – in order to maximize the free space in your small urban kitchen, use pull out cabinet drawers. The pull out drawers are an excellent solution for your pans and pots as well as a storage place for dry food boxes. The good news is that you don’t have to renovate your entire kitchen and buy brand new cabinets, but rather add the pull outs to the already existing kitchen cabinets and shelves.

Vertical Cabinets – what can you do when all the space below the worktops is filled with cabinets? The solution is simple, you can build vertical cabinets and stack one cabinet on the top of the other. This way you will be able to add additional storage place in your small kitchen and store all your cooking materials and supplies. Use beautiful cabinetry so that your kitchen space be fully utilised and as beautiful as possible.

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Under Counter – Kitchen appliances such as refrigerators or freezers can often be large and bulky items, and not every compact kitchen can accommodate them easily.  There is a way around this though as there are integrated appliances available that fit into smaller spaces.


Eat in Kitchen – As many modern flats or apartments do not contain a conventional dining area for you to eat, it is possible to include a central kitchen island where you can sit and eat, drink, relax and entertain. When it is not being used for these purposes the worktop area can be utilised for storage, food preparation etc.

Mirrors – mirrors are the first trip to make the room look bigger. You can install mirrored tiles on your kitchen backsplash. It is not the only way to fake additional space but it is no doubt the cheapest and the easiest way.