Give your Kitchen a Facelift

Simple ideas to give your kitchen a new attractive look.

There are many ways to use your imagination and improve your kitchen design. Here are some of the easiest ideas you can apply in your kitchen that will help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

Cabinetry – Cabinets take a lot of the kitchen’s space and it is logical to start remodeling the kitchen from cabinet modification. If the cabinets are in good shape, there is no need to replace them, but just replace the existing cabinet doors. You can use pre-made doors that are available in many hardware stores or home décor outlets. Another way is to renovate the cabinets by adding new paint and new hardware. You can also decorate the cabinets by adding crown molding on the tops. If the doors are made of wood, you can bring out the wood grain by using polyurethane sealant or all-in-one wood stain.

Backsplash – Backsplash is a great decorative option that can bring together different elements of design in your kitchen. You can put the backsplash surface against the wall or install it pre mounted on mesh sheets if you have small tiles, glass or ceramic wall cover that prevent easy installation. Quartz backsplash is an ideal option that will complement the tone of the work tops and help decorating the kitchen space.

Appliances – Appliances play a big role in every kitchen. If they are functional and useful, you don’t need to replace them and buy new ones. However, if your simple appliances do not satisfy you and you want to upgrade them, you can use paint to give them a brand new look, choose different tones and match them with other elements of the kitchen. Give them neutral tones to blend in or live vivid colors to make them stand out and contrast.

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Small Details – Pay attention to the small details in your kitchen. The small details can add a lot to the final result of your kitchen decoration. For example you can replace chrome faucets with newer modern and contemporary looking brushed nickel. Replace switch plates and outlet covers, pay attention to light shades and use low energy CLF bulbs that come in different shades and tones that can almost match natural lighting. You can add more lights under the cabinets or near the floor to create a better atmosphere in the kitchen. Replace window coverings, stools and chairs, add some seat cushions and take care of all the small details so that your brand new kitchen will be attractive and comfortable.​