Case Study, New Build Home, Suffolk

A high-tech, new-build home in Suffolk features an ultra-modern open plan kitchen designed by Kitchenology featuring Caesarstone 4120 Raven quartz worktops on a stunning ‘floating’ central island.

Caesarstone Raven quartz worktops

The owner of this detached property in a secluded area of rural Suffolk dedicated five years to planning his dream family home and knew that the open plan-design of the house ensure the kitchen “would be a key feature of the ground floor”.

For the owner, the kitchen needed to work for the family, but also really make a statement. The kitchen needed to integrate effortlessly with the rest of the property in both style and specification. The owner recalled: “I wanted something really design led.”

Open plan Caesarstone kitchen island

Jennifer Shaw, design director at Kitchenology was commissioned to design the kitchen after a visit to the studio’s showroom by the property owner and his architect. Impressed by Jennifer’s personal approach, the studio’s incorporation of the latest technology in its displays, and Jennifer’s dedication in a site visit even during the early ground-work phase, the homeowner tasked Kitchenology with delivering the statement kitchen he desired.

The homeowner described the progression of the kitchen design: “The architect was keen on a very dark theme and we started with this. As the design process evolved, I liked the style I saw in the showroom – industrial, but not too stark, and this is what we eventually went with”.

Caesarstone Quartz kitchen island worktop

For Jennifer, key to the design was the key central island, incorporating high-specification appliances including a Miele induction hob. The multi-levelled, two-toned kitchen island features two thicknesses of Caesarstone 4120 Raven quartz worktops. A smaller 20mm section for the hob area facing the wall units, while a deeper section was created with the use of mitred 60mm edging. The ease of fabrication of Caesarstone’s premium quartz worktop surfaces was crucial in delivering this finish to a high-standard.

The kitchen island was a complex construction, featuring an unusual shape and the two thickness of worktop, as well as a cantilevered peninsular for seating, which is mirrored by a ceiling extractor – also from Miele - that followed the same architectural lines.

Open plan floating kitchen island

Jennifer explained the challenge of the worktop: “I had a particular shape of island that I wanted, not straightforward and made more difficult because I wanted it to ‘float’ above the polished concrete floor.”

4120 Raven’s unique design was a significant factor in the colour-scheme for the project. Raven, a slate grey with a slightly dappled look, adding texture and a tactile appearance, that was ideal for Jennifer’s décor theme. “I wanted to combine colours and textures to create gravity (a grounded, monolithic feel) together with a lack of gravity (a floating light effect),” commented Jennifer.

Caesarstone Raven kitchen worktops

4120 Raven contrasted dramatically with the light grey gloss units from the AlnoStar Peal that made up the kitchen island, whilst blending harmoniously with the denser, grey-stone effect of the AlnoStar Dur handleless wall cabinetry resulting in a striking two-tone scheme which carries a modern appeal.

The multiple levels, contrasting finishes and unusual shapes all create focal elements within the open space of the kitchen, but there was a need for these to work cohesively. “Large spaces can be much more difficult to create an interesting design”, explained Jennifer. “A mix of levels, textures and shapes are important to add interest, but must be simple and calm.”

Caesarstone quartz kitchen worktops in Raven

The choice of a Decoglaze glass splashback in Pacific offers a touch of calmness to the monolithic design, whilst bringing out the colour of the open wall shelving units.

Jennifer was delighted at how the completed project came together, “I am pleased that all the elements incorporated have worked in the overall scheme.”

More importantly, Kitchenology’s design for the kitchen earned the homeowner’s acclaim: “I just like the attention to detail; everything is installed perfectly. The whole kitchen functions and flows to make it a pleasure to be in, whether cooking or sitting at the cantilevered island peninsular. It suits the house perfectly. We spend so much more time together as a family than in our previous home.”

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