2LG Studio's Caesarstone Kitchen

2LG choose “perfect, practical and cloudlike” Caesarstone for their most personal project

 2LG's Caesarstone kitchen

Photo Credit: Megan Taylor

Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead, award-winning interior designers, fell in love with Caesarstone’s 4011 Cloudburst Concrete seconds after seeing it at Milan Design Week back in April 2018. The design duo, who had been working on their home refurbishment project for the past three years, were at the final stages their project, when they discovered Caesarstone’s newly launched elegant interpretation of poured concrete.

“We first saw this new concrete range from Caesarstone in Milan last year and it won us over immediately with its subtle movement and matt texture. The texture softens the kitchen and is great to look after as it stays looking beautiful.”

2LG at Milan Design Week

Jordan and Russell, founders of 2LG Studio and Design Doctor columnists in the Metro newspaper, have built their reputation over the years for impeccable design taste through their signature use of colour, graceful proportions and timeless sense of shapes within their interiors.

Among their most recent highlight projects are KaleidEscape, a retro futurist bathroom installation for CP Hart, The Doglovers’ Creative Quarters bedroom project for DreamHouzz. They are also the winners of two Pinterest UK Interior awards received in 2018 for the Best Use of Colour / Texture and Best Pinners of the year for most organic pins.

The duo purchased the 4-bedroom detached Victorian house in South London back in 2015 in a derelict state. The planning of the kitchen began immediately after the couple’s move in to the property but due to the amount of structural pre-works required and hefty investments involved, the interior works didn’t commence until much later, allowing the final concepts for the key spaces to evolve significantly over time. After exploring several configurations for the ground floor, the final decision was to create a multi-purpose open-plan space comprised of a kitchen and a dining room that could also lend itself as work space. Majority partition walls were taken down and the two doorways were left without doors to create a free-flowing movement across the entire ground floor.

To accommodate such a variety of functions within one space the duo came up with a unique concept for the kitchen area. They envisioned a kitchen that could transcend conventional approaches associated with it and advance itself as a far more flexible space, one with a rather playful character. And so an elegant kitchen comprised of whimsical curves, minimal colour palette and carefully considered materials was born.

2LG's kitchen features Caesarstone Cloudburst Concrete

Photo Credits: Megan Taylor

Centring the scheme is a large island, with handleless pink doors, a Miele hob and extensive Cloudburst Concrete worktops. The sink area is anchored by two vaulted cupboards in-between which stands an impressively tall splashback in Cloudburst Concrete, turned into a unique design feature of its own. To complement the kitchen furniture, created in partnership with John Lewis of Hungerford, the design duo wanted a worktop that would work hard but also make a statement of its own.

Cloudburst Concrete is part of Caesarstone’s award-winning Metropolitan Collection of nine concrete-inspired finishes that are available nationally.

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