Design Inspirations

Caesarstone were pleased to launch our latest book of design inspirations, inviting you to meet the world’s top five design trends.

"We are excited to introduce you to Caesarstone’s book of inspirations, Design Inspirations. Being a global leader in the world of design makes it necessary for us to constantly familiarize ourselves with new design trends and innovations worldwide. The book was created out of a desire to share our sources of inspiration and our involvement in the design world," writes Eli Feiglin, Chief Marketing Officer.

FranklinTill, a leading international agency specialising in researching and forecasting trends, helped us to produce the book. When you read it you will be taken for a journey through five of the most current trends, each with its own story, culture and experience. We hope you enjoy it and find it a valuable source of design inspirations.

The design world creates smart and simple solutions for the modern living environment, which acts as a warm and welcoming place of refuge. The trend is characterised by a soft look, flowing lines and authentic, raw materials such as stone, marble, wood and concrete in elegant finishing.


Pictured: Thonet Bike by Andy Martin Studio

This trend sees the high-end, luxury consumer move away from the outlandish fashion-focused aethetics, towards a more sensible, practical approach.

Pictured: Time Piece collection by Jaime Hayon for Sé

Industrial Luxe focuses on utilitarian aesthetics, influenced by reductionism.  This trend is considered humble, understated and with a sense of quiet but assured luxury.

Pictured: Espresso Solo by Shmuel Linski

Celebrating the natural wonders of the world, the inspiration behind nature reinvented is how the nature co-exists with the man-made world.

Pictured: Mixed Media Rings by Wenhui Li

Cultural Remix conveys a contemporary fusion of global design, where diversity and boundless technology exist and shape the modern world.

Pictured: Float sofa by Karim Rashid for SANCAL

View and download the complete book and visit originally designed spaces, inspired by the book.