Stone garden designed by Nendo for Caesarstone

Nendo - highly acclaimed design studio, designs beautiful Stone Garden for Caesarstone

Caesartone are pleased to reveal our collaboration with world famous Japanese design studio Nendo. Oki Sato, Nendo’s creative director designed and created a wonderful, minimalist space using nothing but ‘mushroom’ tops formed from Caesarstone quartz.

These mushrooms are held up using a single rod, giving the appearance of a floating landscape. They overlap to give a scattered yet organised layer of Caesarstone ‘mushroom’ tops. Plus the fact that they overlap means they can balance against each other helping the display to stay fixed.

The Stone Garden highlights Caesarstone’s natural beauty and strips the surface back exposing its raw qualities. Because the quartz surface isn’t in its usual kitchen or bathroom environment where it compliments kitchen cabinetry and other interior furnishings, Nendo’s concept exhibits Caesarstone on its own, so people can see the quartz and nothing but the quartz.

The ‘mushroom’ tops highlights Caesarstone’s benefits of using our quartz surfaces for your kitchen worktop, kitchen island or bathroom vanity. The durable quartz material is ideal for your kitchen or bathroom space in your home.

“The installation explores the boundary between ‘furniture’ and ‘non-furniture’. The unique variety and quality of natural colours and textures of the Caesarstone worktops are perfect to be arranged in a composition like the stylized landscape of a Japanese rock garden.” Oki Sato, founder and chief designer of Nendo.

For more information, please refer to Nendo's website