Caesarstone collaboration with Nendo

Nendo designs stunning Caesarstone furniture

Caesarstone are thrilled to continue our collaboration with world famous design studio Nendo. We plan to co-operate once again and exhibit at this year’s Fuori Salone 2013 in Milan.

Nendo has created a Stone-Edge Table collection, where a range of elegant table furniture is created out of wood and then integrating Caesarstone quartz into the corners details and legs. The use of Caesarstone in the furniture highlights the qualities of our quartz surfacing, with its strength, durability and design benefits.

There are seven tables in total in the Stone-Edge Table collection. Each one uses a different Caesarstone colour from our Classico Collection, for the corner edge detailing and legs. They are used for aesthetic purposes as the coloured quartz blends beautifully with the wooden frame, and also used for practical purposes as the Caesarstone quartz protects the most exposed parts of the table structure.

Oki Sato, creative director and founder of Nendo, comments, “In designing the Stone-Edge Table collection, I was able to take advantage of the strength of the material. Rather than ostentatiously applying the material to the entire design, we created wooden tables and used Caesarstone to protect the table top corners and feet. The subtle stone elements are incorporated to make the tables stronger while drawing focus to the seamless coexistence with the wood.”

Typically used for kitchen worktops, kitchen islands, bathroom vanities and worktops, Caesarstone quartz surfacing is now being used in furniture details. This highlights its durable qualities and limitless possibilities of using Caesarstone within your home.