Case Study: Therapie Clinics

Caesarstone surfaces chosen by Europe’s No1. aesthetic clinic

Therapie Clinic

Caesarstone’s marble-inspired 5143 White Attica will create a serene backdrop in eight new branches of Therapie Clinic, following its multi million pound expansion in the UK and Ireland. The new clinics have been designed by Edinburgh-based firm Oberlanders Architects and are due for completion later this year.

Caesarstone White Attica creates the perfect backdrop for the premium clinic which offers a vast range of cosmetic, aesthetic, and dermatological treatments. The company’s flagship branch opened on Wigmore Street in London in March.

Ian Clarke, commercial manager for Caesarstone said: “Whether you’re a traditionalist or modern design enthusiast, there is nothing quite like the timeless glamour of marble which conveys a real sense of luxury and serenity. The crisp look and dynamic veining of White Attica is perfect for the Therapie Clinic brand.”

Caesarstone quartz was considered to be the perfect option for Therapie Clinic’s new branches. Not only does it outperform real marble, it’s also extremely hard-wearing and hygienic thank to its antimicrobial and non-porous properties that are conducive to a sterile environment. Additionally, White Attica comes in jumbo sized slabs allowing the architects and fabricators to clad the entire clinic wall-to-wall for a seamless, elegant look.

Therapie Clinic logo formed from Caesarstone White Attica quartz

Phillip McGlade, founder and CEO of Therapie Clinics said: “It is crucial that we are able to offer a calm and cosseting environment in which our customers can feel safe and relaxed during consultations. A consistent look across all our new branches is also extremely important to our brand. Whether a client is in Dublin or London, they will experience the same high level of technology, customer service and high-end environment for their treatments. We want our clinics to be synonymous with classic beauty and Caesarstone has certainly helped to create this in our new clinics.”

The award-winning aesthetic clinic favoured by celebrities and digital influencers specialises in treatments for skin concerns. The company, which originates from Ireland, was founded by Philip and Kate McGlade. There are 12 clinics in total with five more to follow in 2019. Caesarstone quartz will be in eight branches following the expansion, including: Derry, Belfast, Sheffield, Wigmore Street, Westfield White City, Westfield Stratford City and two new stores in Dublin.

Therapie Clinic furnished with Caesarstone White Attica quartz surfaces

White Attica by Caesarstone

Part of Caesarstone’s Supernatural collection, 5143 White Attica is characterised by deep, dramatic blue-grey veins juxtaposed to a clean, flawless white base and finished with subtle hints of grey. It's ideal for making a style statement in an interior space.

It’s made from highly durable quartz which (unlike marble) is non-porous, extremely heat and cold resistant and impervious to scratches, stains, chips and cracks. “It’s marble, without any of associated issues,” comments Jon Stanley, VP Marketing for Caesarstone. “White Attica offers you the luxurious look and feel of marble without any of its drawbacks. It’s ideal for commercial projects – especially those in a spa setting thanks to its moisture resistant properties. It also continues to be one of our most popular colours for domestic kitchen and bathroom surfaces.”

White Attica comes in a polished or ‘matt’ honed finish and is available in three different thicknesses; 13mm, 20mm and 30mm. It is available in both standard and large format jumbo slabs which are ideal for commercial and domestic projects where a larger surface area is required. It is made from premium engineered quartz stone which, unlike real marble, is stain, scratch, crack and chip resistant. It is also non-porous and extremely heat and cold resistant making it the ideal material for kitchen and bathroom surfaces.