Case Study: Sunset Marquis Hotel

Three colours from Caesarstone’s portfolio of premium quartz worktop surfaces were utilised in the redevelopment of the boutique Sunset Marquis Hotel in West Hollywood, California.

For Rob Gruendyke, VP of Hotel Operations at the Sunset Marquis hotel, a strong sense of design and a keen of appreciation of guest’s comfort were central tenets in offering a luxury hospitality experience.

Sunset Marquis renovation

In particular, Gruendyke notes that the materials used within the refurbishment needed to support the design concept, and stone in particular played a key role. “Stone is a big part of what makes up the guest room,” says Gruendyke. “It is one of the first things that guests see.”

Both visual appeal and the durability of the surfaces were vital considerations for the Sunset Maquis design team.

With a large turnover of guests, it was important that all of the worktops were resistant to damage and easy to maintain, to ensure that the stone surfaces looked perfect at all times. “Caesarstone is proven to be the outstanding product that we were looking for”, explains Gruendyke, in recognition of how the quartz manufacturer’s surfaces are resistant to scratches, chips and water-stains.

The visual appeal and consistency of the design of the quartz worktops was also noted as a key consideration when selecting the Caesarstone surfaces.

As part of the design process, the design team and Caesarstone discussed the wide range of quartz colour options available, and developed mock-up rooms to garner valuable guest feedback.

The hotel’s patrons were invited to provide appraisal of the colours and designs used within the mock-up room, helping the team to select three colours for the final roll-out. Piatra Grey, a smooth slate grey with chalky white veins, was used for the bathroom vanities and surrounds, whilst the lightly blended Ocean Foam quartz surface was used for the suites’ kitchen worktops.

Finally, Vanilla Noir, formed of a richly dark base with white veins, were used for the bar and surface surrounds of the hotel’s iconic Bar 1200.

The complete refurbishment demonstrates the value of selecting high quality materials, as Gruendyke explains: “We want to make sure our materials last for a long period of time, and get a good return on investment. This is why we use Caesarstone.”

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