Case Study: Cinnamon Kitchen, Oxford

Multi-disciplinary design studio DesignLSM were entrusted with the interior décor for the new Cinnamon Kitchen in Oxford, the first restaurant outside of London for the Cinammon brand. DesignLSM delivered a beautiful scheme with a sophisticated palette of materials, including Caesarstone’s White Attica quartz surfaces.

Caesarstone quartz is used in the design of the Cinnamon Kitchen

The Oxford restaurant forms part of The Cinnamon Collection by renowned Indian chef Vivek Singh, which includes contemporary Indian restaurants The Cinnamon Club, Cinnamon Soho and Cinnamon Bazaar.

DesignLSM conceived a contemporary and paired back aesthetic for the space, with subtle details and exquisite materials, including the use of Caesarstone quartz for key focal points in the restaurant, that reflect the beauty and intricacy of classical Indian architecture.

The restaurant’s elegant design features decorative whitewashed wall panelling, bespoke pendant lighting and luxurious marble finishes; harmonizing together to create a refined ambience that strongly reflects the ethos of the Cinnamon brand.

Caesarstone quartz bar and wall-cladding at Oxford restaurant

Caesarstone’s 5143 White Attica is used to spectacular effect most prominently for the Cinnamon Kitchen’s impressive bar. DesignLSM matched the marble-inspired surface of White Attica, with a clean white base tone and dense, dark blue-grey interwoven veins, with the lustrous brass features complimenting the authentic rattan panels. The quartz bar and the surrounding cladding were installed by stone specialist MKW Surfaces, and were installed seamlessly to a premium finish.

The use of backlit mirrors against the wall-mounted quartz give a sense of depth and exploration to the bar area, giving it a prominence within the dining space.

The technical qualities of Caesarstone’s quartz makes it an ideal fit for bars and hospitality design. Being extremely durable, stain-resistant and easy-to-maintain when compared to natural marbles, Caesarstone quartz is a perfect solution for applications demanding a beautiful, high quality finish as well as a robust surface able to withstand high traffic areas.

Caesarstone quartz in Indian restaurant

As quartz is non-porous and antimicrobial, it is ideally suited to food preparation and service areas. This was key for the restaurant’s kitchen pass, where hygiene is paramount.

Following DesignLSM’s design scheme, MKW Surfaces crafted a beautiful surround for the pass with inlaid Caesarstone quartz panelling, again using the White Attica design, which offers a classical appeal to a functional restaurant space where food would be completed ready for service.

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