White Kitchen

If you are thinking of designing a white kitchen for your next project, there are a number of factors you should consider in your planning process.

White kitchens have always been a popular choice for many years, as the shade can work in harmony with various styles and looks. Whether you are planning a traditional, contemporary or classic look for your next kitchen, utilising white throughout the design helps to keep your kitchen clean, clinical and bright.

The first step in designing your white kitchen, as with any kitchen, is how to utilise the space you have for maximum impact. Whether you have a large space or a more compact space, carefully planning your kitchen worktops, cabinetry and appliances is imperative. White kitchens are often popular in more compact spaces as they give an airier feeling and can make a space seem bigger.

You need to look at how your kitchen is used – whether it is used for cooking, eating, entertaining guests or helping your kids with their homework. This will determine the design and feel of your kitchen, in terms of the positioning of the appliances, the materials of the cabinets, and the layout and surface material of the worktops.

Once you have established your kitchen’s main function(s), the next step is to decide which elements to have in white. White kitchen worktops are very popular in the UK as they exude style and sophistication, and complement any traditional or contemporary cabinetry.

Caesarstone offer quartz worktops which are ideal for your white kitchen design plans. From the stunning, bright whites of Pure White 1141 and Snow 2141 to the more muted, understated Organic White 4600 or Eggshell 3141. If you prefer more of a speckled surface design we have Nougat 6600 or White Reflections 7141.

In addition to the aforementioned shades of white, Caesarstone also offers The only potential drawback of white kitchen worktops is the fact they are hard to keep clean, with the pressures of constant use and family life, dirt marks and food stains are all too common and could show up quite considerably on the white surface.

With Caesarstone quartz worktops, the hard, non-porous surface makes cleaning easy and in most cases, water and soap or a mild detergent are all you need to maintain the surface’s lustre Frosty Carrina 5141, which is part of our Supernatural Collection. Inspired by nature, the Supernatural Colours give the look of natural stone with rich, deep veins resembling the look of marble. However the colours have all the benefits of our quartz surfacing – offering the ultimate combination of form and function, with stain and scratch resistant and non-porous properties.

When choosing your cabinetry, wood finishes look richer against the crisp white kitchen worktops. Or you may opt for laminated cupboards with a high gloss finish, to create a real contemporary and modern feel.

Why not use our Visualiser design tool to create your ideal white kitchen.

Have a look at some of the white kitchens below to inspire your planning process:

Ultra-clinical white domestic kitchen uses Pure White 1141
Stunning traditional domestic kitchen uses Organic White 4600
Striking modern domestic kitchen uses Snow 2141